Call Center

The phone support service is among the most preferred methods for providing assistance to anyone in the internet spending money. By contacting support in real time you can get an immediate response to your inquiries or a helpful advice on how a certain problem can be resolved.

The phone support option is a part of any quality Internet related support service. Most internet users prefer to call their product's support central and ask for real-time assistance on the phone instead of sending a written message and wait for the answer.

The possibility for the customers to make phone calls allows them to discuss a number of things in real time - from billing/technical support and service customization to upgrading to higher class service. Given the fact that phone support is delivered on the moment and any interruption in that process will have immediate affect on the users’ web presence, the phone line is the most reliable and fastest way for the user to contact support and ask for information or help.

Telephone Support Services
Represent a proof of the product’s reliability.
Offer personal treatment to the customer.
Are the most reliable support method.

Punes Extreme Software offers the best voice interaction facility, ensuring every call will be answered, every time, on time. Customers can speak directly to agents through a pool of dedicated numbers and have their queries resolved effectively. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can be programmed to route captured calls in a variety of ways, depending on the routing rules that are written into the ACD (Automatic Call Distributor). We also provide direct dedicated phone lines to ensure instant response and avoid delay in line transfer.
Inbound Customer Service

Customer support executives, handling customer-initiated telephone calls for client specific programs. This could range from providing billing information, product or service information, aggregating response to direct marketing advertisements and other activities as detailed below. Our agents are proficient in handling the entire gamut of calls, from simple welcome calls to calls pertaining to surveys, verifications, lead generation, collections, etc.
Punes Extreme Software inbound voice based service offering includes:

Customer Service
Application / Claims processing
Subscription services
Feedback collection for products / service / campaign etc
Polling / Media analysis
Effective up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers during call

Pre-sales, Post-sales & Order fulfillment
Product enquiries
Order taking
Sales processing
Up-selling and Cross-selling
Documentations & payment queries
Post-sales product support

Technical Support / Help desk
Troubleshooting for products and services
Complaint registrations
Guiding customers in collecting information

Inquiry Service
Product / Service information requests
Dealer locator service
ATM / POS locator service, etc

Billing Information
Queries about account balance
Payment information
Changes in personal information, etc

Enrollment services
Welcome calls, registration and enrollment for campaign and events etc

Credit Management
Credit authorization
Credit verifications

Verification services
3rd party verifications service
Insurance verifications
Employment verifications
And many more...

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Call Center

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